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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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to call him because eliana asked him to. he was ashamedól88çf it, and he felt it was wrong. >> did it change your view about the domestic violence movement or the advocates and who was against him? did it change your view at all when the sheriff pleaded guilty? >> objection, relevance. >> sustained. good price when you were speaking to the sheriff's -- >> when you were speaking to the sheriff, did he ever tell you he had a duty to make sure the investigation was on hampered -- unhampered? >> he did not. >> when you were speaking to the sheriff january 4 or
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afterwards, did he tell you he was trying to live up to a standard of unflinching honesty and full accountability? clark said he did not --÷)=geie did not. >> did he ever express any concern about the fact that his actions on december 31 and subsequently would have on the sheriff's department? parts he did not. quex hannity ever thank you -- >> they he ever thank you -- did he ever thank you? >> sustained. waxed almost done. your declaration says -- >> almost done. your declaration says, at no time did i dissuade any
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witnesses from cooperating with an investigation. >> i did not. >> you tried when you spoke to our free madison? >> i did not. >> new coach -- you coached eliana about what to say to witnesses? >> i did not. >> you sent e-mails and ahmad >> i did not. >> who encouraged her to make phone calls to ivory madison and to try to dissuade her from talking to the police? >> i did not. >> your declaration says at no time did ross mirkarimi asked me to help dissuade witnesses, but he knew you were trying to clean up the mess he made with his wife. >> that is argumentativî >> sustained. >> he was counting on you to help him get past scandal and to sue the rihanna -- to sooth
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eliana. >> objection. >> i have not heard the foundation. i think you have out and got negative answers, so i am going to sustain the objection. >> you told him you tried to get ivar madison to send the police away, didn't you? di. lkñ>> he ne? >> no. >> he knew on january 4 that eliana was working with you to try to keep madison and williams from talking to investigation -- 75ágx >> objection. >> did he ever tell you he knew what you were doing? >> of section. >> sustained. >> did he ever express any concern about the appearance of having his campaign manager in
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the middle of this scandal and talking to witnesses on january 4? >> no, there was no -- no. >> he never approach you about wanting to set things straight or wanting to make it clear that your role had nothing to do with being campaign manager. >> objection, vague. >> you understand the question? >> i do not understand the question. >> try it again. iswg -- didgain. he ever approach you about trying to make clear either
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privately to the witnesses or publicly why you as his campaign manager were involved in the events of january 4? >> objection, relevance. >> are you aware of any time he has ever spoke out about your role for his understanding of why you were enmeshed in these events on january 4? >> no. >> that is all i have. >> any rebuttal? there i asked how long? >> 5 minutes. i am one of the lawyers representing chirac's -- sheriff mirkarimi. have you and i ever met?
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>> no. >> it is nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> you were ask questions about not speaking to an investigator or other representatives of the city attorney's office. do you remember that? >> yes. >> the you remember someone trying to contact you? >> yes. >> why did you not speak to that person? >> from the beginning, because all this started when it was in the d.a.'s hahands, i told the investigators are was pregnant, so i think i was four months pregnant, and and the second time around i was seven months pregnant. i am older. it is my first child, so they considered me a high-risk pregnancy, and i was having medical and health complications, so i told the investigator i was pregnant,
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older, high risk, and my doctor i let them know that i needed to respect my doctor, up because my child is the most important saying -- thing for me to focus on. >> after you communicated that with the investigator, did that person leave you alone? >> no, i felt harassed. they came to my work a couple times. they came to my house. i had an investigator and a police officer come to my house on sunday evening. when the sun was about to come down and i open the window they said, we want to talk to you, and i said, who are you? they had to show me the bad, and i said, no, thank you. they wanted to come into my house and start talking to me.
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>> it made me feel unsafe. it made me feel very stress. >> were you concerned about how that might affect your health and that of your baby? >> my healbaby was the most important. i always wanted to cooperate. i never wanted to not cooperate, but the way they were harassing me, it was very stressful. >> you alsoge3el questions about your loyalty as the campaign manager for ross mirkarimi. >> yes. >> i think you testified you felt like in order to be a campaign manager you had to believe in what they stood for it? >> that is right. >> why was it you agreed to become the campaign manager for cross mirkarimi and? >> i really believe in what he wanted to do.
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i believe he had a track record. sometimes candidates can say a lot of things, and it can sound great, but i want to know what you have done to make it happen. what is your track record? ox5áypross mirkarimi had a trak record of looking out for the reverse communities, of changing the landscape -- looking out for communitieg the landscape for public safety, and he really understood the prison industrial complex, and he really understood about people having another chance, and instead of us paying for people to be locked up, to give people an opportunity to be accountable for their actions and to have an opportunity to make it change and be productive citizens, so i believe he would continue to build on sheriff hennessy cost's legacy, and icy
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campaign management as in duty. if you can do it for other -- i see campaign management as a duty. i have another job. it is something i do from my heart and from pashtun. -- and from pashtuion. i believe he will make san francisco a better place. >> you asked about -- you were asked about the man they asked to serve as his campaign manager. that was for seven months to? >> 2 month. >> was that a big enough some to get you to lie under oath for the share of -- sheriff? >> no fee would be enough.
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>> is everything you have testified absolutely truthful? >> absolutely truthful. >> is there something you want to say? >> i guess i will wait. >> very briefly. >> one minute. good parts do you remember the name of the city attorney and as it >> i do not recall but i have written down. >> did you ever meet him? >> manthey investigators that came to my work and to my house. >> do you recognize him here today? >> it has been awhile. i am not clear. >> are you sure that someone who came to your house with the place was an investigator? >> they give me a card and one
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was an investigator and one was a police officer. i still have their cards, i believe. >> the city attorney investigator, do you remember whether any time before he sought you out, he tried to call you? reflect who she is identifying? >> i do not know who you are pointing out. >> the gentleman next to the gentleman with the glasses. >> a gentleman in the blue shirt? >> he came also early in the morning and kind of like jumped out. >> haji tried to call you to arrange appointments? >> from the(raz+m beginning i s very respectful and i told him what i said in the court. i am pregnant and he had someone on speaker phone. he said there was someone else
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there and from the beginning i told them i respectfully decline because i am pregnant, a high- risk pregnancy, i am older and having some health problems. i said i had to focus on my son and he said is that really the reason and i said yes, that is reason and i said yes, that is really the reason. link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c z will allow it. >> did you understand he was trying to serve a subpoena? >> that was the last time. that was at my work, standing outside my work for 20 minutes and talking to my supervisor at numerous times afterq conversation when i respectfully declined. >> could you have resolved the problem by accepting service of
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subpoena? >> objection. it calls for speculation, irrelevant. >> sustained. >> if i may, could i say just one thing before leave? >> the commissioners may have questions for you. you're not done. sorry about that. i tw commissioners if there are any questions. vice-chair sutdleytudley: i notd there were three text messages from ms. lopez to you and i wonder if you recall there were three of them at 10:55 a.m. and 10:56 a.m., they were so long that you have to roll over or
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were they separate messages? >> i remember she gave me, it was that first text and it was really long. i give you the gist of the text, i cannot tell you exactly but it was one text. like three texts. >> do you remember how the initial e-mail began? the first of that series when you opened it, what was the first thing that she was saying? >> i do not remember the exact burbage. -- verbage. she had a fight with ross and she needed to talk to me. >> did you -- did she ask you to call her? >> she did. i believe she did. she did not call me. she wanted to talk to me and i believe she said please call me. >> did she say why she was reaching out to you in particular? >> she never has told me why. >> did she see what she wanted?
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>> only at one time, one of the second phone calls, i asked her what she wanted. after the call we had, i realized there was a lapse of time because i had to do a telecommute call and i had to texture back and she was not ready to call. when we talked are remember saying, do you need domestic violence referrals? just in case that she was not telling me everything. she was focused on the custody issues. that i thought i had better just ask her again. i asked her bluntly and said, could you tell me what support need in general? could you tell me what support you need from me? why don't you call me? and she said she wanted to make
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it work with her husband, she talked about her relationship and she wanted a warm relationship, she respected what he did and he did really good work. and he worked a lot and he was not around as much and she wanted to have a little bit more different relationship. and so she told me she wanted to get some marriage therapist, but they work together and try to work it out. she want him to prioritize that and if not, it did not work out, she wanted to make sure she had custody. that is what she told me. i told her i would -- that was not my expertise or anything like that. i can ask some friends. and see if i can help her in that way. >> accounted quickly 16 calls to
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and from new on the roster that you were shown up until 4:14 p.m. and 30 calls between 5 -- 5:12 a.m. anp.m. and 7:00. what was your mood and state of mind? >> it was very stressful day. i am at home telecommuting and it was very stressful and i know that to -- that ileana wanted to get hold of ross and communicate. it was very stressful. and strange. being thrust into some -- with someone i do not know who is on the phone who that is.
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and wanting the best for them and making sure that she was taken care of and she was ok. >> i will give you two words, connecting, helping them communicate. another is problem-solving. as one or the other were both describe what you are trying to do or is there a better term for it? >> i think support. emotional support is what i saw that i was trying to do when she had reached out to me. and referrals, if she needed them but she did not seem like she needed them. she said she did not need them. >> thank you. >> she was appreciative to get them. >> other questions?
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commissioner renne: i appreciate that we're putting new under stress. when they would like to do is i understand that prior to january 4, you had not had a general communication with eliana. >> no communication. >> you had this phone call that lasted 40 minutes on january 4. >> that is right. commissioner renne: i a7 we are talking seven months ago and memories fade. as best as you can recall, at understand that you will not lmñ.éhjm(e information she convo you in that first 40 minuteconvo conversation?
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>> it is premature i share today, what i recalled and sprinkled throughout the conversations or the questions. ultimately, she let me know there was an argument. i depicted what she had told me. i shared everything she had told me about the argument that she had with ross. to my recollection. and then that is when i had said sometimes an incident could be something more or connected. a wide to see if it is ok is that -- if i ask you a few questions. commissioner renne: you started questioning her about whether there were prior occasions? >> yes and i went to the different forms that i have described -- through the different forms i have described to kaiser about the different forms of domestic violence i was able to share. i am not an expert cited the
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best i could and i put out the different forms and made sure that she knew that -- what this meant. because of the language barrier and asked open-ended questions. at some point, direct questions. commissioner renne: what answers did she give you insofar as what had happened on december 31? what did she say? >> exactly what i said today. i did not get the full everything. i got basically different parts of what she had said, that they had gone into an argument about venezuela. about how they were yelling back and forth at each other, you know, and she stepped out of the car, she did not care about making a scene. that is what she had told me and she said she had a bruise on her arm as she did not depict any seen more than that. i did not get all the details. >> you concluded from that
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description, did you not, that it was what you called in your declaration as a domestic violence incident? >> i would say so. that is in my opinion. >> that was the conclusion you came to at the end of the very first conversation? >> yes. commissioner renne: and the second conversation that you had with her which occurred wivuuui+ the hour of the first, which mulxm one minute 55 seconds. that was your next conversation with her.
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what was the substance, what was said in that conversation? >> i do not recall, sorry. >r$5íiwqcommissioner renne: whu spoke with her -- strike that. >> she also talked about street -- custody issues which she -- i talked about today. commissioner renne: in the first conversation, how would you describe her tone of voice or demeanor to the extent to could draw some conclusions over the phone? >> i guess troubled, stressed, wanting to get information about the custody issues. >> are you saying the first
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conversation was that she wanted to -- you initiated the call to get at ration on the custody issue? >> that is what she talked about their the end of the conversation. she was really wanted to talk about that. what i was going through an assessment of domestic violence and trying to see if it was a cycle and seeing if she needed any support and providing affirmation and referrals and it was the open-ended questions, was there anything else that she wanted to talk about, try to probe what kind of support i could provide. as a person, as a woman, someone who cares about women and social justice and community. but there the end of the conversation she was very -- i do not know what the word is. really stressed about the custody as i talked about the last part of the conversation.
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commissioner renne: in going to this second conversation which was at 3:31 p.m., approximately 40 minute conversation, could you separate out what was discussed in that conversation from what you discussed in the first? >> was that the longer conversation after the 40 minute conversation? which one was that? >> the second -- the first conversation, the extensive conversation on the schedule. >> i do not have that in front of you. commissionerc- have that exhibit in front of you? >> where would i look? >> exhibit 83. commissioner renne: the first
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conversation took place at to -- 1at 11 a.m. >> could you help me? ok, which time? we just talked about that. i understand now. commissioner renne: that is the conversation which told me at the conclusion of which there had been a domestic violence incident. >> but not a domestic violence cycle. my conclusion is that she was
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not in a cycle of domestic violence in my conclusion from her words and a stocking is that she was not in danger. she was not afraid of ross. >> in the first conversation, she relates to use the events of december 31, 2011. >> not all the events. everything i told you already. the commission as well as everyone. i did not have all the details. commissioner renne: it only had the details that she told you, right? at the conclusion of that call, you came to the conclusion that there was a domestic violence related incident. >> yes. commissioner renne: that occurred on december 31? >> yes. commissioner renne: looking again at that same exhibit 83,
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if you look at a time period of 3:31 p.m., do you see that? it is on page two. >> yes. commissioner renne: that indicates a conversation of approximately 14 minutes. as you sit here today, can you separate out what was discussed at that conversation as opposed to what you had discussed with eliana earlier? >> that conversation, i asked her what she needed support in generally speaking and also what she needed -- if she needed support from me. what did she need help)v[uj me, since i had given her